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This is a list of locations we already work with. However, if you have some other specific location in mind for your dream wedding, than we would be more than happy to arrange it for you.

Palazzo di S. Stefano in TaorminaDescription: Palazzo di S. Stefano is located in Taormina, which is one of the most popular places to get married in Sicily. Why? Because Taormina is a unique, antique and thereby very charming town, which revels by mediterranean colors and scents and is surrounded by many beautiful sea views. It’s a picture-like perfect town with winding alleyways, cobbled streets, flower filled terraces and beautiful historic buildings. Near to the Duomo, just off the cosmopolitan main street of Taormina (Corso Umberto), you can find Palazzo di S. Stefano. This palace is dating back to the 14th century, when it was built as part of the medieval walls of the town. Later it served as a fortification along Taormina’s southern border, which makes it one of the historic buildings the town has. The castle represents the Gothic architecture style and is made with, inter alia, lava stone. A wedding ceremony in this palace will take place in the impressive stone walled reception room with views across the gardens and coast below.  Perfectly suitable for larger groups.Parco JalariDescription: Parco Jalari is located in the Peloritain mountains in the province of Messina. The parc originates from a dream and grew with perseverance and constancy due to 30 years of work from the Pietrini and Giorgianni families. It’s hard to say what the culture, the spirit and the values were that inspired and motivated the creators of the Park during this long, intensive and happy period of creating; you will experience it yourself when you enter the parc. Jalari is filled with aromatic scents of herbs, coolness of the trees and is a very comfortable environment, especially in spring and summer.  Along the avenues hundreds of stone sculptures and fountains, made by Prof. Mariano Pietrini, accompany the visitors throughout a journey that challenges them to discover their own identity.  To complete this environment, there are 3 terraces that offer a panoramic view over the Eolian islands and the Tindari bay. Parco Jalari is a romantic and definitely a unique place to celebrate a wedding.Amount of guests: up to 500 guests for the ceremony, visitors to the park unlimitedCastello de Milazzo

Description: Castello di Milazzo is a romantic half- ruined castle, which is built by Frederick II of Swabia in the 13th century. The castle sits on a rocky promontory and has a view towards all directions and historic features. Imposing stone walls, aimed at deterring any possible invaders, still keep the castle standing. Impressive stone gates and covered walkways  take you to the inner courtyards of the castle, which are perfect for a romantic walk. The castle offers  you a great panoramic view over, inter alia; the sea, Nebrodi Mountains, Mount Etna, the Eolian Islands and Tono Bay. The castle is very big, well maintained and thereby perfectly suitable to host large groups of people. When you enter the castle, you can still obviously “feel” the history in the area and that makes it a special environment to get married in.

Amount of guests: Up to 200 for the ceremony

Salina – Eolian Islands

Description: Salina is one of the seven Aeolian Islands, located in the north part of Sicily. It is the second largest island in the archipelago and it is divided by three communities. Santa Marina on the eastern coast, Malfa to the north and Leni to the south-west. Towards the sea, you will find several  villages. Salina is a green, natural and beautiful environment, covered in wooded hills. When chosen for a wedding ceremony on this special island, it is possible to arrange this in the City Hall and on the Beach. The City Hall is located in the center of Santa Marina di Salina and it is a typical Eolian building. It is a perfect location to combine your wedding with a honeymoon or vacation, because it is an environment to discover. Collectively, the islands exhibit a unique range of volcanic characteristics, which earned them a place on Unesco’s World Heritage list in 2000.

Amount of guests: in the City Hall up to 40 for the ceremony, on the beach unlimited

Beach at Terme VigliatoreDescription: The beach of terme Vigliatore is part of Tindari Bay in the Mediterranean Sea and it is situated right in front of the Eolian islands. The view is amazing and the environment is very relaxing. It’s a private beach behind the Il Gabbiano Hotel, so if you like to have a personal and private wedding ceremony,  Terme Vigliatore is definitely worth considering. Lastly, the place is famous for its thermal environment, so the combination weddingceremony- honeymoon is recommended.Amount of guests: up to 30 for the ceremony, visitors for the beachPalazzo Baronale De Maria in BasicòDescription: Palazzo Baronale de Maria is a beautiful Wedding location in a quiet medieval village called Basicò. While walking through the alleys, piazzette and neighborhoods with their old French names, you feel like making a trip back in time, to an early historic place. The palace building has been recently renovated and is extended with a beautiful garden behind the building. Basicò has a very good location as it is connected to other valuable sights like Montalbano Elicona, which is a medieval town, and the Abacena ruins. These places are very suitable to arrange a high class reception.Amount of g

Auditorium di Castroreale

Description: Castroreale is a medieval village and thereby one of the oldest villages in the province of Messina. As it is situated on the top of a hill there’s a fantastic panoramic view on the sea and the mountains, as well as the Eolian islands. Castroreale was one of the most important places for the catholic society in Sicily. There were 36 churches located in this town whereof currently 14 churches are still there. One of these 14 churches is the Auditorium, which in fact, represents an old baroque church reformed to serve as an Auditorium. A special feelings comes along when entering this valuable, historic building.

Amount of guests: Up to 150 for the ceremonyuests: Up to 150 for

Castello di Castelbuono

Description: Castello di Castelbuono is  located in a valley in the Madonie mountains, in the Province of Palermo. Originally, the castle’s name was; “Castello del buon aere”, which means Castle of good air. Afterwards, the name became Castelbuono, good castle. Castelbuono is a small town close to Cefalú, which is a perfect environment for pedestrian. The castle was built in 1316 by the Ventimiglia count and represents the Arab-Norman style and swabian functions. It is divided in three floors and hence a lot of depth. The castle is famous for the Cappella Palatina (Palace Chapel), which is made from artistically carved wood, decorated with colored figures.
It has a great profusion of precious marble, stuccowork and putty and represents one of the best moments in the history of the House of Chiaramonte, which was the most powerful and wealthy family in Sicily in the 14th century.

Amount of guests: Up to 150 for the ceremonythe ceremony unlimited